Ariel Neo

Neo was born in 1985.  An accomplished painter, her large format round canvases are the theater of expression for her creativity.

The circle, with all its significations, inspires her.

Symbol of infinity, continuity and wholeness, it allows the artist to escape from the more angular and oppressive rectangular frame.

Colors are bright and omnipresent, they vibrate in the atmospheres of the paintings.
 Her themes of predilection represent figurative metaphors of modern society as well as more intimate and symbolic thematics.

The size and format of her paintings leaves the observer submerged by the intensity of the works.
The mastery of various techniques of oil painting allows the artist to create unexpected and fantastic atmospheres. The brilliant colors then sublimate the darkness and awaken deep emotions within the viewer.
Neo is inspired by the artistic practice of  the "mise en abyme", a technique that consists in representing a work within a similar work, allowing her to combine two passions: painting and photography.

Neo offers poetic images where the artistic expressions merge. Photographs are not created digitally. The works are elaborated directly in situ in natural environments. The result is a series of images that magnifies both artistic forms, like a surreal window between dream and reality.